Eeyore’s Birthday Party

Austin Weird resurfaced in Pease Park this weekend as Eeyore, the chronically depressed donkey A. A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh series celebrated his surprise birthday party.  Began in 1963 by UT English students, Austinites have turned out in costume every year since. Sponsored now by the Friends of the Forest Foundation, Eeyores benefits a number of local charities and features May Poles, drum circles, egg tosses, and beer and food.  Performing bands this year included Barbarians of Sevilla and the Coffee Sergeants.  Eeyore always celebrates his birthday on the last Saturday in April, so if you missed this year’s festivities, you have time to work on your costume for next year.

Words and photos by Steve Hopson

More of Steve’s Eeyore’s photos at

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