Eeyore’s Birthday Party, 2017!

An ever-expanding cast of costumed characters gathered in Pease Park on April 29, 2017 to celebrate Eeyore’s Birthday for the 54th time.  Here’s a look at the people I met:





Artists at EAST 2016

SX Portraits, vol. 3

SX Portraits, vol. 3

or a last look at the artists, models, actors, musicians, and heroes who I spent my SXSW vacation with:




People of SXSW, vol. 2

Today we take a closer look at the apes, super-heroes, bouncers, security personnel, and attendees that make SXSW memorable.


People of SXSW 2016

Music, film, interactive, education, comedy, ecology, food — all these things make up a SXSW conference.  But the most important piece is the people who make the event happen.  Here’s a look a few of those people involved in SXSW 2016: