Eeyore’s Birthday Party, 2017!

An ever-expanding cast of costumed characters gathered in Pease Park on April 29, 2017 to celebrate Eeyore’s Birthday for the 54th time.  Here’s a look at the people I met:





Artists at EAST 2016

Eeyore’s Birthday Party, 2016

Celebrants gathered in Pease Park to cheer Eeyore with a birthday party.   Begun in 1963 by UT English students, Austinites have turned out in costume every year since. Sponsored now by the Friends of the Forest Foundation, Eeyores benefits a number of local charities and features May Poles, drum circles, egg tosses, and beer and food.  Performing bands this year included the Uranium Savages and Flounders Without Eyes.



SX Portraits, vol. 3

SX Portraits, vol. 3

or a last look at the artists, models, actors, musicians, and heroes who I spent my SXSW vacation with:




People of SXSW, vol. 2

Today we take a closer look at the apes, super-heroes, bouncers, security personnel, and attendees that make SXSW memorable.


People of SXSW 2016

Music, film, interactive, education, comedy, ecology, food — all these things make up a SXSW conference.  But the most important piece is the people who make the event happen.  Here’s a look a few of those people involved in SXSW 2016: